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GCLA Missions: Youth on a Mission

Several youth from Heritage Church in Westerville, Ohio spent June 26-July 4th serving in Honduras. Here’s a glimpse into what they were doing while on . . . → Read More: GCLA Missions: Youth on a Mission

GCLA Missions: Building a House

The Honduras LT team was excited to be part of this project with Elevate Church from Michigan, who spent their week working to build a house for the Aguilar-Oyuela family. Here’s . . . → Read More: GCLA Missions: Building a House

Do Something About It

We’ve been following our friend, Joey, on his Honduras LT journey at his blog: The Luke 9:23 Project. His recent post is about how he hopes to use his journalism education and experience to bring attention to issues in Honduras. I think that the quote he shares is a powerful reminder to those of us who go and see the hard things: “You let it break your heart. You shed a few tears and you get back to work. You do something about it.”

That is exactly what Joey is doing. He’s not just looking back on his experiences in Honduras and feeling sad about the difficult circumstances, he’s taking that sadness and turning it into action. Not all of us can do a summer at LT in Choluteca. But all of us can become advocates, being the eyes and ears of those who haven’t been to the developing world, and giving voice to the voiceless. Continue reading Do Something About It

It’s Here! Honduras LT!

Honduras Leadership Training is an 8-week summer program for Christians who desire to be transformed into people who impact their world as they live out their faith. College students will spend their summer living, working and worshiping in Latin America.

Please visit for . . . → Read More: It’s Here! Honduras LT!

Out of Africa

I came across this post on Twitter yesterday, and felt it did a good job of expressing the thoughts of someone returning from a 3rd world country…

Out of Africa
from We Are That Family
by Kristen

I don’t know who I am.

It’s a startling realization to not recognize yourself: My own voice sounds hollow. My eyes hold a distant stare, remembering all I’ve seen in Africa this past week. My thoughts keep me awake at night.

Just days after I returned, I found my husband carefully watching me. "I don’t feel like I know you," he said softly, beckoning.

"I don’t feel like I know me either," I said.

And I cried.

Continue reading Out of Africa

Virginia Tech Missions in Honduras

I just discovered this site & blog about our friends at Virginia Tech who are working with GCLA in Danli, . . . → Read More: Virginia Tech Missions in Honduras

Mizzou Team: March 2009

Here’s the line-up. You can now pray for us by name! . . . → Read More: Mizzou Team: March 2009

Articles on Short-Term Missions

Boundless webzine recently ran a few articles on short-term missions.  They touch on things like "why go?" and "what makes a trip successful or unsuccessful?"  Worth reading if you’ve got the time.  It’s always good to think about our motivations, and how we are to gauge success and failure.

Take a Trip, Change Your Life

Short-Term . . . → Read More: Articles on Short-Term Missions

Why Go? (3)

From the GCLA Missions site, here is the missions video . . . → Read More: Why Go? (3)

GCLA New Missions Website

GCLA has a new Missions website! It’s geared toward those who have gone, plan to go, or are interested in going on a short-term mission trip to Latin America. The new site is super cool, has RSS feed, lots of pictures, and a place for you to share your story about your experience in Latin America. . . . → Read More: GCLA New Missions Website